The Art of Healing with Charles Gotthard and Naledi King


Charles Gotthard & Naledi King join creative forces that will challenge, change and inspire the way you think, process and live.  They will give you the tools to continue taking the steps to self-fulfilment, practising self-love, processing your emotions in ways that are tangible, gentle, fun and healthy.


Internationally recognized Land Art Sculptor and Ceramicist, discovered years ago, that so much of his own healing and transformation came from doing what he loves most, using clay as a form of expression. He now teaches his students to use different mediums, everyday objects, and nature to create spaces, opportunities and art that heals; taking everyday life from ordinary to extraordinary.

‘Creativity has no limits, rules, or laws – it is a way of taking your power back and doing things your way.’

Charles Gotthard

Passionate about living an authentic life – being grounded, joyful and free, N.K now sets out to share her gifts of transformation and beauty with the world.
N.K grew up in Swaziland, drawing much of her wisdom and gifts from the ancient traditional teachings of her grandmother. She has now come full circle, becoming a teacher herself, broadening the spectrum of modalities by combining African tradition with Western, Eastern and Celtic healing – a holistic approach that is non-biased and universal.
As an author; singer; songwriter; poet; fashionista; teacher; healer; brand sculptor and all-round creative; she teaches her students to transform:

From Victim to Creator
From Persecutor to Challenger
From Rescuer to Coach and Mentor
From Drama to Self-Love

I am here to EXPAND, EXPRESS AND EXPLORE, what are you here for?

Naledi King